Campus tours are a popular way to learn about of the multi-faceted stories of the history of University of North Carolina. They reveal some of the untold history and show how race, gender, and exclusion are deeply connected to Carolina’s story.

A historical marker sign recognizing George Moses Horton.

The Black and Blue Tour tells some of the history and involvement of African Americans on campus and in the Chapel Hill community, from enslavement to the present.


An image of artist Senora Lynch's work "The Gift" on the UNC Chapel Hill campus.

The Native Narrative Tour tells the history of the American Indian presence at UNC, and uses the native tradition of storytelling to create an archival record for the future.


A cartoon depicting an early woman student at UNC, seated alone in a classroom while male students sit together on the other side of the room. The caption reads, "Coeducation - as developed at the university."

The Herstory of Women at Carolina chronicles the efforts of women to gain admittance to UNC as students, faculty and staff.



Each of these tours, developed by faculty and graduate and undergraduate students, unfolds it story through time, to interpret the past and help our students, future students and all the members of the Carolina community to better understand today’s campus and university.

We have developed this website of excerpts from three of these tours to make this history more accessible and available to more people. These tours and more are offered regularly by the UNC Visitors’ Center through its Priceless Gem series.

If you would like to know more of Carolina’s history, visit The Carolina Story.

If you would like to learn about our efforts to tell UNC’s history, check in periodically at the Chancellor’s Task Force on UNC-Chapel Hill History.

Cecelia Moore, Project Manager, Chancellor’s Task Force on UNC-Chapel Hill History